A quick thank you

Hello all,

I've noticed there is a good handful of returning visitors to my website that primarily check out my blog. I thank you all for taking an interest in my boring, and self-indulgent affairs. I know I do nothing but talk a bunch of shit, but I'm happy to know my shit has some value to some people. 

Honestly, I started this blog out of complete boredom, and frustration. It was a way to work out my own creative thought process. Since thinking things out has never created tangible results for me, I resorted to writing down my thoughts. I wanted a platform where I could be the sole administrator of its content. I get frustrated with blogging sites such as tumblr and even instagram as I feel there is a subtle pressure to follow the ways things are done by people who do similar things. I don't want to feel pressured to curate my posts in a way that conforms to the stereotype of an artist's blog. Since this is my own website, and I don't have the pressure of knowing anyone will pay attention to me, so I feel very free to post anything and whatever I want.

So far this blog has become a collection of my messed up, and fragmented mind. I don't know where it will go but I'm certain I'll keep posting, if only to track my own thoughts and ideas. 

I'm happy to hear out what people want to see from me although I make no promises that I will grant any of those said requests. I'm just content just having my own blog and doing everything my own way even if there is no one paying attention to it.  

Thank you,