Self-Evaluation - 7.3.17

In school, I was one of the less technically gifted person in class, and solely relied on interesting methods of applying material and as well as heavy use of reference. Although, I had my own shortcomings, I believe I was able to compete with my classmates in my own way. 

Lately I feel my work has improved a lot technically, but has lost all sense of fluidity and originality. Part of this reason is because these days I've been spending a lot of time practicing color matching, as well as trying to use value more effectively in my work. Because of this, I noticed I haven't been putting in as much effort in the creation of my compositions, resulting in stiff, lifeless paintings. I've been relying too much on photoshop and found imagery so I could get to the painting right away. 

I'm glad I've come to this realization. I think it's time I find a different way to create compositions.