ka-ryung is a poor stab at the romanization for Hugo's taiwanese name, 嘉隆.

Hugo was born in São Paulo, Brazil to 1st generation Brazilian parents of Taiwanese descent. His series of failed attempts to self-identify with the Taiwanese culture led him to deep dive into the country's history in search for an answer to his family's estranged relationship with Brazil, the US, and everywhere else. This research has also led him to research into his own family history, which consisted of: house fires, inheritance feuds, migration to Brazil, as well as territorial war in the Amazonian gold mining industry.

In regards to his painting, Hugo's work is a catalogue of his own research. He allows the narrative for each painting to build freely without any premeditated narrative direction. Each painting takes weeks to finish despite the total painting time being under a few days. The process of living with an unfinished painting for weeks before applying the next layer of paint allows for the narrative to be created in an accidental but original way. 

Outside of painting, Hugo lifts, fights, and actively tries to run away from America. 

Hugo now resides and paints in New York. Porra Caralho. 


Education: B.F.A. in Communications Design , Pratt Institute, New York, N.Y.



2016 / Pratt Show 2016 / Pratt Institute / Brooklyn, NY

2015 / 10th 100 Artists Exhibition / Ouchi Gallery / Brooklyn, NY

2015 / "Home" Exhibition / Ouchi Gallery / Brooklyn, NY